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2023 – How’s it Been for You?

What Needs Changing to Make 2024 Better for Your Agency?

I love this period after Christmas.

The busyness of the build-up is gone.

The two main days have been completed (and hopefully enjoyed).

And now I’m bored.

Seriously though, this spell of a few days where the email traffic is dead, and most people are either chilling totally or casually coasting towards 2024 is the best bit of the festive season for me.

I enjoy doing two types of R and R: resting and recovering, and reflecting and reviewing.

And I’ve asked myself ten questions to see what I’ve learned this year.

You could try the same approach if the thought of another trip to the sweet tin isn’t as appealing as a couple of days ago.

  1. What was my biggest challenge this year, and how did I overcome it? – The rise of AI – We got into it early and use it for many things that make our lives easier, do boring jobs and mean we can spend more time working to support our members.
  2. Which new skill did I acquire, and how has it impacted my work or personal life? Again, it’s probably getting comfortable and quick at using AI.
  3. What was my most successful project or initiative this year, and what made it successful? I organised two live events (one with John Paul and Paul Long), the other in Brighton being my favourite, as I was super nervous about it beforehand as it was a first for our business.
  4. How did I improve my work-life balance this year? Simple – I planned better and was strict about family time being a non-negotiable.
  5. What was the best advice I received this year, and how did it help me? “Don’t let the tail wag the dog.” This came from a highly respected friend and helped me realise you can’t make decisions that keep everyone happy.
  6. How did I push myself out of my comfort zone, and what were the outcomes? The events – without a doubt. We’re already organising two more for 2024.
  7. How have my relationships (professional or personal) evolved this year, and what have I learned from them? My ADHD diagnosis this year has made me more patient with others and a little kinder to myself.
  8. What mistake did I make, and what did it teach me? I trusted the wrong industry supplier and was very disappointed with something they did. I learned to trust my instinct as I doubted this guy’s integrity but gave him a chance.
  9. Which book, article, or resource had the most significant impact on me this year, and why? Book: ‘Dirty Laundry,’ about how ADHD affects relationships. Article: None stand out, but I love the Blind Boy Podcast. Resource: Probably Chat GPT.
  10. What are my goals for next year based on this year’s learnings? My goals are to grow the Ethical Agent Network, to become a B-Corp, and to look after my physical health more than anything.

I’d be genuinely fascinated to see how others answer the above questions – I found them helpful in helping me delve deeper into my 2023.

Happy New Year.


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