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A Different Kind of CEO Joins Our Club

Afternoon Folks,

A super quick email to announce our new CEO who takes up the position on Monday 9 March.

The growth of the Content Club since it launched in August 2019 has been brilliant.

We’ve gone from zero to 70 members in a little over six months.

And I am genuinely humbled and grateful for all the support, reviews and referrals you guys have given us.

As the club’s growing so quickly, I needed help.

So, who better to join me and make CEO than Mrs Lyons AKA Wendy Reed AKA ‘Our Wend.’

She has a background in professional acting, learning and development and training people.

We like to try to do things differently here, so the definition of CEO means Community Enjoyment Officer.

Both Wendy and care about our members’ experiences and the value they get from the club.

One of Wendy’s roles will be to ensure we hit our favourite KPI – Kindness Performance Indicator.

We’ll be looking at ways to spread the good the Karma Club does (it’s the monthly charity support project we do here, where £5 from every members’ monthly fee goes towards a different community project.)

March’s donation will be £400 going to the South Coast ABC. It’s a boxing club who do great things in the community they serve. The volunteers at the club are hardworking, generous of spirit and care about the people who come through the doors of their gym.

The money has been put towards the cost of a much-needed new ring.

Thanks to all our members who have made this happen.

Wendy and I will keep doing all we can to ensure all our members enjoy working with us and get great value from being part of the club.

Thanks for your time.

Jerry………….. and Wendy

PS: Wendy is the third-best person in the office at making tea.

Sound interesting?

Book in a 20-minute chat with Jerry to find out more.

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