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Estate Agents and Trust Issues

What are estate agents really selling?

A two-minute read on how estate agents can create the most valuable asset they’ll ever own.

As estate agents, you sell houses, right?

And as letting agents you find landlords then place the best tenants in their properties, correct?

But before you do any of that, surely you must sell something integral to any successful relationship – TRUST.

When I’ve instructed agents in the past integrity and honesty were the most important things, I needed to feel I would be getting from them. I also wanted good results, obviously.

Whoever I do business with trust is my number one must-have and it’s the same for many people. You could have the best doctor in the world giving you advice, but if you didn’t trust his or her motives, you’d forever be second-guessing their advice.

But how do you sell trust as an estate agent? Here are seven brief thoughts, but I’m sure you have some of your own, and I’d be interested to hear everyone’s ideas.

  • Google It – Having lots of good Google Reviews creates trust.
  • SAS Your Email – Having your SAS photo on your email signature – Creates recognition – people like looking at people, we’re hard-wired to do this and make judgements based upon these so it’s good to look SAS, Smart and Smiling.
  • Award Wins – Now this will be a contentious one for some but by being able to show you’ve been recognised by external experts that you are great at what you do builds a sense of authority which is a familiar bedfellow with trust. In my opinion, there are only two industry competitions worth winning.
  • PIE charts – probably even more divisive than awards but being able to clearly show that you have the largest market share in an area will go a long way to reassuring many sellers and landlords you must know what you are doing. And don’t forget there are different ways to make these charts work to your strong points – Asking price achieved, lowest fall through rates etc.
  • Face Time – This one only applies to independent solopreneur type agents. Put your face on your boards, especially if you are working in a small community where ‘people know people.’
  • Get Involved – If you are aiming to be the community agency, what are you doing to show you’re living your values? Do you organise local litter picks like Sacha Scott EA in Surrey, or did you do Matterport tours for local schools returning after lockdown like Knightsbridge EA in Leicester? Being seen to be helping the local community is a win-win move and builds trust and brand likeability.
  • Content Marketing Matters. I’m biased, but if you are publishing articles, videos, and information, that is helpful, interesting, trustworthy and sustained (HITS) you will become front of mind for people looking for or recommending a local agent. The key is to show up consistently. It’s a sure-fire way of becoming known, liked, and ultimately trusted. 

Thanks for your time.





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