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How does your estate agency create fans?

A 2-minute read. ????
Yesterday my eight-year-old daughter jumped on an hour-long Zoom call organised by Brighton & Hove Albion football club.
It was held to mark World Book Day and featured a quiz, the men team’s top striker talking about his love of reading, and a couple of drawing and writing competitions.
My daughter loved it because she got a chance to speak with one of the players from the women’s team.
She’s now insistent that when lockdown ends, we ‘must’ go and watch the Brighton & Hove ladies’ team play. ⚽
Here’s where it got interesting, though.
My wife sat in earshot of the Zoom call and, when it finished, burst into the spare room where I was working like the drug squad, declaring: “That Zoom thing they did was brilliant, and they do a lot for the local community. It’s not just about football, you know. We should all support Brighton now.”
Mrs L doesn’t understand how football allegiances work.
But what Brighton’s Football in the Community scheme did is very clever. AND created two new fans.
I’m betting in several households where kids attended the session, a similar conversation was being played out.
Create Fans for Your Agency
The best estate agents I work with all have one thing in common.
They know the power of getting involved in things that at first glance having nothing to do with their property remit but have everything to do with helping people in their community.
Sure, they have different models. Different ways of running their agencies, but the exceptional ones all do loads for their community.
Whether it’s putting their money where their mouths are and donating computers for schools as moany have done recently.
Or organising community litter picking events.
Or showing tokens of appreciation to local NHS staff and keyworkers.
Or operating as a foodbank collection point or a winter clothing drop-off centre for local homeless charities.
This approach creates priceless local fans who support your agency because you are doing things outside of your remit to help their community.
And from a content marketing and social media perspective, it’s gold. This is because if people care they will share. Posts that have a purpose touch people’s emotions.
And when consistently they can turn bystanders into fans.
Walking the Walk
And this isn’t me preaching emptily – we practise what we preach through our content club’s Karma Club.
The Karma Club donated £7400 in the last financial year to good causes, community groups and local charities. Our members make this possible as £5 from each of their monthly fees is collected and then donated to community groups and charities.
It’s our key KPI. Because we know for us to do good, the business must do good. Call it the Karma Performance Indicator.
Thanks to us being actively involved in our community (the estate agency world), it is doing good on both fronts. It’s a good result for everyone.
I love hearing about the good things and great work agents are doing in your communities.
And with that lesson from Brighton & Hove Albion FC in mind, what is your agency doing to create new fans and support your community?
Thanks for reading.

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