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How Using Guides Can Forge Meaningful Client Relationships

Michelle Gallagher of JDG Estate Agents recently shared with Amanda her insights on how effectively integrating guides into client interactions (be it valuation or during the follow-up process) not only educates but also builds trust.

Here are the key takeaways from that conversation:

Adding Value Over Sales

Michelle spoke of her philosophy of “being there to help” rather than just “sell, sell, sell”. By using our educational, topical guides, she reinforces this approach. These guides are tailored to the specific stages of a client’s journey, making them relevant and useful.

Strategic Use During Client Interactions

Within JDG, the guides are strategically introduced at various points of the customer journey. For example, during valuation appointments, whether in-person or via video call, Michelle provides a seasonal guide relevant to the current market conditions. This method ensures that the content is not only timely but also in line with the client’s immediate needs.

Building Client Trust

The guides serve as a continuous point of reference and are frequently revisited by clients throughout their selling journey. They can also help facilitate smooth follow-up interactions. For instance, instead of directly asking for a commitment, Michelle uses the guides to re-engage clients, providing them with relevant information that addresses their unique circumstances, such as guides tailored for selling during a divorce or for downsizing.

Results and Feedback

While Michelle found it challenging to quantify the direct impact of the guides on closing deals, she firmly believes they play a crucial role in securing business and improving the client journey. They serve as a subtle yet powerful tool in her valuation and follow-up strategy, allowing her to approach clients with a helpful resource rather than a sales pitch (adding value), which improves response rates and overall engagement.

To Conclude

Educational guides are more than just generic brochures; they are a strategic part of client interaction that builds trust and confirms the agent’s commitment to assisting clients throughout their selling journey. JDG’s use of these guides makes each interaction meaningful and focused on the client’s needs.

Amanda said, “What I found interesting about JDG’s approach to using the guides is that they often use a seasonal guide on the valuation, then follow up with a guide more specific to a seller’s situation following the valuation or further down the line. I also hadn’t considered the power of using one of our guides as an icebreaker to re-engage a client that didn’t instruct straight away – love it.”

If you would like some valuable insights into the way JDG Estate Agents use our guides, the below is well worth a ten-minute listen.
Click Here to View Video

Thank you for reading.
Team EAN

To view our full range of guides click here: Guides – Estate Agent Content

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