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How your agency can make sellers feel special

Are you the Sports Direct of the agency world?
A two-minute read.
I’ve started running again. Slowly but surely.
And as with all new hobbies you’ve got to buy loads of kit.
I needed fresh trainers to tap into my inner Sir Mo Farrah.
So, I headed off to the sports shop. The only local one being Sports Direct – a temple to cheap tat – but hey, I was desperate.
I told the shop assistant, who looked more disinterested than a pool lifeguard nearing the end of his shift that I needed some trainers.
He shrugged/pointed me in the direction of the wall of shoes that took up the entire right-hand side of the enormous store.
There were football boots, kids’ trainers, ladies runners, and athletic shoes.
I waited for another assistant to surface for a couple of minutes, and when none showed, thought, ‘f@ck this, I’m off.’
I Googled ‘running shop’ and found one in a town about 15 minutes from where I was.
Hop in the car, pop in the shop, and I’m greeted with a smile and a ‘what are you after, sir?’
I told the smiley assistant I wanted running shoes.
This is where he got specific. This is where he listened.
“What kind of running do you do?” I wanted to reply ‘badly’ but thought better of it.
Me: “5-10K.” Happy shop man: “Great trail or road.”
He then asked me plenty of questions before presenting me options based on what he had learned were my specifications. I was very impressed by the whole experience.
What it Means to Your Agency
How many times does your agency deal with a sellers’ enquiry and not do enough digging to find out why they are selling? Or do you present prospective sellers with a one size fits all (it never does) brochure?
People want to be made to feel special, whether they are buying shoes or selling their most prized asset.
It’s why we came up with our range of Specific Seller Guides – written to help people make decisions based on their situation.
Selling due to a divorce? We’ve got a guide for that. Selling to upsize? We’ve got that covered too. Selling due to probate / to pay for care / to downsize ……we’ve got something special for you.
For more info about our Specific Seller Guides which come with free Canva editable templates saving you hundreds on design fees, give me a shout.
As we licence all our products based on area exclusivity get in touch to find out if your area is available.
Thanks for reading,
PS: I ended up spending zero in Sports Indirect and more than £300 in the running shop.

Sound interesting?

Book in a 20-minute chat with Jerry to find out more.

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