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Our Promise

We hold the EAN, our members and industry partners accountable to several core ethics we call The Promises.

This video explains more about the promises the Ethical Agent Network makes.

Book in a 20-minute chat with Jerry to find out more.

The EAN Promise

We promise to always act in our members’ best interests.
We promise to be totally upfront about our membership fees.

They’re £299+VAT per month per three postcode districts.

We promise to tell the truth – simple.
We promise to do the right thing even if it costs us time, money, or both.
We promise not to work with a member’s rivals during their membership – we’re on your side.
We promise fair terms of business.
We promise to pay our bills on time.
We promise to commit at least £500 to community groups and good causes every month.
We promise to strive towards being carbon neutral by July 2024.

Sound interesting?

If this sounds like something that matches your approach to estate agency, book in a 20-minute chat with Jerry to learn more about EAN membership.

We’re proud of our members

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An A to Z Guide to the Ethical Estate Agency
An A to Z Guide to the Ethical Estate Agency

We’re proud to be members of such a select and supportive group of estate agents.