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The Alternative Top Twelve of Influential People in Estate Agency

Over the years, I’ve seen a few lists where someone gives their opinion about the most influential people in estate agency.

Some names on those lists I wholeheartedly agreed with.

Like Chris Watkin, Stephen Brown and Paul Long.

But others who consistently pop up on these lists couldn’t influence me to walk across a quiet road to get an ice-cold drink on a boiling hot day.

So, I came up with a list of my own – with the help of my friend, estate agent and fellow Plastic Paddy, Tom McGee.

The running order below is as random as the Tories’ current economic policy. But more thought has gone into this than the recent mini-budget.

I’ve tried to feature people who haven’t been named in other influencer (what a wanky term) lists.

Here goes.

Sam Ashdown & Phil Jones – Firewave & Ashdown Jones

The mum-in-law / son-in-law duo have successfully been helping agents with their marketing for many years. They also run a high-end agency, so they practise what they preach. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but they really know their stuff and are not Jonnys or Janes come lately to the content and coaching game.

Sam Hunter & Mark Worrall – Gods of Pods

The Ant & Dec of agency podcasts. Their audio offering to the agency gods, World Class Agency, is a weekly dose of wisdom from some of the brightest minds in agency. They are also really decent blokes.

Simon Gates – Homesearch

One of Sam Hunter’s colleagues and slowly but surely building a loyal following thanks to the prospecting advice he shares online.

Vicky Bibiris – The Levels Lady

The MD of super successful agency Location Location – she’s got more drive than Tesla and has helped build an agency with one of the best cultures in the industry. Consistently raising the levels and standards of how agency is done.

John PaulIt’s Him Up North

Runs Agency Growth Strategies – probably the most popular group for agents on Facebook. He uses the platform to regularly share his wisdom. Some may find his obsession with systems, processes and operational manuals a little strange, but he’s too big and strong to say it to his face.

Agent X – The Keyser Söze of Agency

If you know, you know. If this agency owner went more public with his thoughts, he’d be top of the list for me. Those that do know his true identity ALL sing his praises. A very smart person and good human being.

Michelle GallagherJDG Estate Agents

Whether you believe in the validity of awards or not, Michelle and her husband John’s team have been named ‘agents of the year’ for two years running. Excellent at implementing good ideas they’ve picked up.

Jerry Lyons – Estate Agent Content King

Yes, I know some will say you can’t add yourself to this list. But guess what? I can and just have. Our club created the concept of community content in lockdown 2020, and we are a constant source of fresh ideas for our members. Described (by Tom, without bribery or blackmail) as ‘a council house Messiah and genuine thought leader.’

Rob BradyMore Than a Marketing Man

The friendly face of CRM Lifecycle. His work to improve the wellbeing of the industry is a constant source of positivity. One of the most charitable people in the industry.

Adam West – EXP

Yes, some agents think it’s a glorified pyramid scheme Tutankhamun would be proud of. But they are the fastest growing of this type of self-employed model, so Adam’s influence on sections of the industry cannot be ignored.

Matt Baldock – Charles David Casson

Runs an agency in Chelmsford and, along with his brother Neil, has fingers in more pies than Simon Whale running amok in Greggs. Speaks a lot of sense about running an agency and isn’t afraid to call out BS when he sees it.

Luke St Clair – Knightsbridge Estates

Doesn’t say too much, but when he does, it’s always worth stopping and listening to. Any agent who makes a regular pilgrimage to Australia to learn from the best Down Under is worth checking out.

So, there you have it.

Our top twelve alternative influencers in estate agency.

Before you get annoyed / offended / triggered, take a minute.

And feel free to list who has influenced you in your agency career. That’s the best (and worst) thing about the internet – we all get to give our opinion.

Thanks for reading.


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