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Who’s Hot and Who’s Not in Estate Agency

Wall of Fame V Corner of Shame

A two-minute read.

Introducing something new for the fine folk of Estate Agency Land.

Each Friday I’ll be looking over some of the exceptional things estate agents are doing with their marketing – agencies featured will make the soon to be highly esteemed Wall of Fame.

It’ll eventually become the Mount Olympus of marketing ideas, or a shorter-lived exercise than most people doing Joe Wicks’ workouts during lockdown part uno.

The flip side of this estate agency excellence is the Corner of Shame. You don’t want to be here, it’s where I’ll be sharing some of the lame, lazy and ludicrous efforts from not just the estate agency world but also further afield.

So here we go, drum roll, please.

The inaugural entrant into the Estate Agency Wall of Fame is ……. Umit Gorgulu.

Umit’s agency Courtney’s in Dalston, London, came up with the brilliant idea to add a lot of character to their direct mail efforts. They sent out letters to specific roads and areas. ‘Big deal’, I hear you think.

But Umit’s agency army hyper localised the pieces by talking about the history of that road/area.

Puts them in the local expert bracket AND it will gain the interest of far more people than a lame ‘We’ve dozens of people looking for a home like yours.’

Excellent, original and community based – Welcome to the Wall of Fame …Courtney’s Estate Agents.

Corner of Shame

The Corner of Shame this week was the selection of agents who are thieves.

Yep, those agents who nick the work of other agents and pass it off as their own. Seriously, shame on you.

Whether it’s content, property photographs or marketing literature, it’s never ok to use someone’s copyright covered material.

I had several incidents of this exact thing last weekend as four separate agencies stole content we had written exclusively for our members and paraded around shamelessly like it was theirs.

It’s great to be inspired by others. It’s natural to draw ideas from what you see around you, just don’t copy and paste things and then say, ‘we made this.’

If your agency has done something you are particularly proud of with its marketing, community work or anything else, please email

And on the flip side if you‘ve seen something and think ‘that’s rubbish’ or ‘poor form’ contact me (this won’t be a name and shame exercise by the way).

Thanks for reading.


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