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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve no doubt got some questions for us. That’s good because we’ve got answers for you.

If there’s a question we haven’t covered, please get in touch here.
What is the Ethical Agent Network (EAN)?

The EAN is a network of non-competing, independent estate agencies across the UK who believe in doing the right things for their clients, colleagues, communities and the planet.

Why should I join?

If you’re an ethically minded agent who takes their responsibilities seriously, the EAN offers six pillars of support that can help you and your agency get a whole lot better. The six pillars help our members build better, more sustainable businesses, have a bigger, more positive impact and be part of a supportive and select network of like-minded agency owners.

You say it’s not for everyone, what do you mean by that? How are agents vetted / approved?

We have a strict application process that assesses an agency’s reviews and customer feedback. We also gauge whether they’re the right fit for the EAN (and vice versa) during initial calls. We consult our Advisory Team for their opinions on new applications, look at an agency’s values, and we require members to sign up to a code of ethics that we call the EAN Promise. We’re in no rush to grow the network, so our focus is firmly on quality over quantity.

You can find out more by visiting the Joining Criteria page on this website.

How much does it cost to join?

If your application is approved, your monthly membership fee (based on exclusivity for three postcode districts) is £299+VAT per month. We aim to take no more than one week from the date of your application to make a decision.

What do I get for my monthly membership?

You get an exclusive area defined by up to three postcode districts (let’s have a chat if you cover more than three districts). You get access to the best content in terms of articles, videos, expert guides, direct mail and email nurture journeys.

You become part of a group of supportive and like-minded independent agents who share issues, ideas and answers that can save you thousands of pounds and hours of time.

You gain access to deals and discounts from a pool of industry partners who have been approved because of their commitment to providing an ethical, exceptional and transparent service.

You have access to two training sessions every month from leading trainers from inside and outside the estate agency industry. Our initial training budget for members is £1,000 per month but this will grow as the network grows. Our commitment is that £50 is put into the training budget per member. So, 100 members means there’s £5,000 PER MONTH that is invested in training and classes that members tell us they need most.

You’ll also get supporting materials like window stickers, brochures and digital marketing to promote your accreditation by the EAN.

What type of agents are EAN members?

We attract independent agencies with one to three offices who seek to be the agents of choice in a defined area. The EAN works best for agencies that offer sales and lettings services.

How does the postcode exclusivity work?

Our members’ area exclusivity is important to us. And that’s why we’re strict about it. When a member joins, they must only actively market within the three postcode districts they are licensed for.

What happens if I work in an area that already belongs to a member but it is not my core area?

We take our members’ postcode exclusivity very seriously. We would assess this on a case-by-case basis but you wouldn’t be able to actively promote your membership in an existing member’s core areas. We do encourage collaboration among neighbouring members as it’s shown to work for both parties.

What are the six pillars of the EAN?

The six pillars are the key elements of the EAN’s offering to members. They are: Content – Classes – Community – Care – Collaboration – Connections.

What is covered in the content pillar?

Each week – you’ll get the following:

1 x Sales article

1 x Sales article optimised for Instagram

1 x Sales video (editable)

2 x Sales images linked to the article

1 x Lettings article

1 x Lettings article optimised for Instagram

1 x Lettings video (editable)

2 x Lettings images linked to the article

1 x Community interest article

2 x Community interest images

At the start of each quarter, you’ll get different, timely marketing campaigns, which include:

1 x 8-page expert guide e.g. Selling in summer

2 x Direct mail letters linked to e.g. Selling in summer

4 x Email / Social media nurture posts linked to e.g. Selling in summer

Each quarter, we create a new marketing campaign to give members’ content a cohesive, well-thought-out approach.

You’ll ALSO get access to our Members-Only Content Vault which is filled with templates, prospecting letters, bonus articles and how-to guides.

What is included in the classes pillar?

Each month, you get access to a Masterclass with some of the best agents in the UK and other leading experts.

These classes and the content are recorded and kept in the Members-Only Content Vault.

What is provided in the community pillar?

Through our Karma Club donations (our community support arm of the EAN) we have a budget of £500 per month to match members’ donations of £100 to £150 that they wish to make to local good causes.

We also create quarterly community campaigns for our members including Christmas Toy Appeals (Winter) and Computers for Schools (Spring). We provide a content pack with all you need to promote your involvement.

Another aspect of the community pillar is encouraging members to share ideas, issues and inspiration in our private WhatsApp group.

What can I expect from the care pillar?

The care pillar covers the professional side of your agency with two professional mystery shops a year.

And the personal side with access to leading mind and wellbeing coaches.

We also share examples of world-class customer care.

What does the collaboration pillar include?

By collaborating, we can get the best possible deals and discounts from our industry partners across the board of services and products. 

We’ve also made it easy for members to refer business to one another.

What will I get from the connections pillar?

We bring together like-minded agents who have similar concerns, questions and goals within our WhatsApp group and weekly email.

These are honest, confidential and supportive areas and renowned for their helpfulness and usefulness. What is said in the WhatsApp group stays in the group.

We also connect members with approved industry partners who have met our criteria and agreed to our code of ethics.

Do you take kick-backs or commissions from your approved partners and suppliers?

Nope. Nah. Never. We’re all about the give-back rather than the kick-back. We insist that our members get a great level of service delivered in a fair and transparent way. That’s all we want.

What’s the initial contract period?

Twelve months – with a guarantee that if you’re unhappy with the service and we’re not delivering on our promises, you’re free to leave before then.

What happens if a member agent does something unethical?

If something is brought to us which brings the integrity of an agent or the EAN into question we will carry out a thorough, yet balanced review.

Is there an auto-renew?

Noooooooooooo. We do an annual review at the end of the first year. Then, if you’re happy, the contract rolls over to a month-by-month basis.

What’s the notice period?

We ask that members wishing to leave give us one month’s notice in writing. This applies after the initial 12-month contract (a simple email suffices).

What is the EAN Advisory Team? And who is in it?

We’ve brought together some of the brightest minds and most ethical and generous people in the industry to help guide and direct the evolution of the Ethical Agent Network.

Asad Riaz – Founder of multi-award-winning London agency Location Location and one of the smartest guys in any room.

Vicky Bibiris – Managing Director of Location Location with a huge passion for developing people and teams.

Nick Cheshire – Founder of Nest in Essex, and a rising star, full of bright ideas and clever implementation.

Abigail Grey – Owner of Grey & Co who leads from the front and has built an enviable agency that does the right things across the board.

Spencer Lawrence – The chief at one of the UK’s leading letting agencies, Paramount Properties. Spencer’s built a team that is among the very best in the highly competitive world of lettings.

Dave Gibbons – Owner of Courtyard Homes and has managed to build a highly successful agency that runs smoothly without daily input from him.

Luke St Clair – Director and owner of Knightsbridge Estate Agents & Valuers, and one of the nicest and cleverest guys in estate agency.

Michelle Gallagher – JDG Estates – Double award-winning national estate agent of the year. Michelle is among the best of the very best.

Where do you see the EAN in five years’ time?

In 2028 we want our members to look at their monthly invoice from us and say ‘that’s the best value subscription we have’. Because we understand that when you are valued, you’re valuable.

We are a brand-new agent, we want to do the right things but money is tight as a start-up and we can’t afford £299+VAT – is there anything we can do?

Each year, we have five scholarships available for agents who want to do the right things but aren’t currently in a position to pay for EAN membership. Certain criteria apply.

We are part of a national franchise, can we join?

Unfortunately not. The EAN is for non-competing, independent estate agents.

If I don’t meet all the approval criteria now, how soon can I reapply?

Within six months of your agency’s initial application. We will offer help in getting you up to the EAN standards, if requested.

How many members do you have?

We launched in May 2023 with 20 founding members.

Can I recommend other agents to apply to join the EAN?

Yes, if you think they’re an ethical fit, we’d love to have an initial chat with them. Word of mouth is an important way that we learn about agents who share our values and ethics.

What happens if the network makes a decision I don’t agree with?

If we’re looking at making a big, fundamental decision, we’ll always consult and listen to members first.

Our Advisory Team have more than 200 years of estate agency experience and are consulted on many areas linked to membership. Ultimately, we’ll always be open, honest and fair.

If it’s a decision you fundamentally oppose you are free to leave at any time (including within the first 12 months of the contract).

What does the EAN mean to my clients and prospective clients? Why should they care?

Like we said before, the Ethical Agent Network isn’t for everyone. Even some of your potential clients won’t be swayed by it. But some will. And that’s where the magic happens. We provide you with the seal of approval and marketing materials to highlight you can be trusted in an industry that suffers from an often-negative reputation. For some of your clients, this will be the difference that has an impact on who they instruct.

What benefits will membership of the EAN bring to our agency from a business perspective?

We’ve always been clear that being ethical and entrepreneurial aren’t mutually exclusive. They can work very well together – as many of our members prove time and time again.

Being a member of the EAN gives you a clear mark of distinction that you do the right things – and that alone brings opportunities.

Other benefits include savings from partners and suppliers, a source of income from referrals to fellow members and huge cost efficiencies when it comes to training your team.

Can I publicise and promote the fact that I am a member?

Of course – it’s something to be proud of. We provide you with a membership certificate, news release and article templates to announce your acceptance, stickers for your office windows and an easy-to-use digital marketing pack covering use on your email signatures, website and social media.

Can I add other branches to my membership?

Yes – if the postcodes are available for membership. Prices for more than the standard three postcode districts are available by getting in touch with us.

What ethics does the EAN itself adhere to?

The Ethical Agent Network’s Promise

We promise to always act in our members’ best interests.

We promise to be totally upfront about our membership fees – they’re £299+VAT per month per three postcode districts.

We promise to tell the truth – simple.

We promise to do the right thing even if it costs us time, money, or both.

We promise not to work with a member’s rivals during their membership – we’re on your side.

We promise fair terms of business – An initial 12-month contract – One month’s notice period after the initial 12-month period – And we do an annual review not an auto-renew.

We promise to pay our bills on time.

We promise to strive towards being carbon neutral by July 2024.

What’s the Karma Club?

The Karma Club is something that grew out of our Estate Agent Content Club business.

We took £5 from each member’s monthly subscription to the Content Club and put it in a digital kitty.

Then we asked our members if they had a community group or local charity they wished to support that month.

It worked so well that we’re applying it to the Ethical Agent Network.

Through our Karma Club donations, we have a budget of £500 per month to match EAN members’ donations of £100 to £150 that they wish to make to local good causes.

Since September 2019, we’ve donated more than £25,000 – which, when match funded by our members, has seen more than £50,000 given to good causes and community groups across the UK.

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An A to Z Guide to the Ethical Estate Agency