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Oh my pod! What are your agency’s prospects for 2020?

I listened to an interesting podcast last night.
And as most people on my database are estate agents I think you’d be interested in it too.
It’s called the Estate Agents Podcast and hosted by three of the industry’s good guys.
Los tres amigos are, successful agency owner Luke St Clair, award winning industry veteran Andy Overman and top sales trainer Stephen Brown.
To date they have recorded 46 shows featuring interviews with leading industry figures from around the world, sales and marketing experts and fellow agents.
The emphasis seems to be on sharing best practice, introducing new ideas and educating agents (and is turned out also teaching a PR and copywriter something he hadn’t thought of).
The episode I listened to features an interview with Jeb Blount, an American author and public speaker who is recognised as one of the top sales and prospecting experts.
Like many people I hate prospecting, the thought of cold calling someone makes my heart sink, my shoulders slump and my procrastination skills leap into action. ‘Oh look there’s a squirrel.’
But Blount breaks prospecting down into seemingly manageable chunks.
His section on motivating your staff, and indeed yourself, to pick up the phone and how to deal with the inevitable levels of rejection is the highlight of his half hour.
Blount also names the number one tool in an agent’s sales armoury.
I’m embarrassed to say I hadn’t included it on my estate agency marketing pillars document which I thought (incorrectly), covered most of the techniques and methods agents could use to attract new instructions.
That little bit of learning alone made the podcast and previous and future episodes of it worth checking out because I’m a big believer in the saying ‘the more you learn, the more you can earn.’
You can subscribe to the Estate Agents Podcast via the usual channels and it’s well worth checking out.
Thanks for reading and here’s to your next instruction.
PS: If you want a free copy of my Estate Agent Marketing pillars which covers nearly all the tools and techniques just ping me an email saying, ‘For pod’s sake.’ And if you can spot my glaring, and soon to be rectified mission, let me know.
PPS: My Estate Agent Content Club launches in just 15 days. Is your area still available? To find out why so many agents have already joined drop me an email.

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